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Multinet’s DataCom services provide comprehensive solutions for efficient and secure data communication, reliable connectivity, high-speed data transfer, and seamless integration across multiple locations. We play a vital role in supporting business operations, enhancing productivity, and enabling effective communication in today’s interconnected world.

MyCloud is a comprehensive suite of services that provides businesses with scalability and flexibility, infrastructure cost saving, enhanced data security and collaboration to drive innovation. Our team of experts are always ready to assist you in designing a cloud strategy that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

MYMS is a flagship product of Multinet Pakistan, designed and developed to provide IT enabling and cyber security services necessary for day-to-day operations for enterprises. MYMS helps you perform all tasks, from critical to core operations, in an efficient and cost-effective manner so that you can focus on your business growth.

Multinet’s data center is a state-of-the-art networked infrastructure facility, offering multilayer protection and carriers from service disruptions such as power failures, physical and network intrusions, connectivity, and limited storage. Our data center facilities are the preferred housing for enterprise customers and carrier partners to conduct their network operations in the most trusted network environment.

Clarity provides the simplicity and convenience of having a single provider to manage your end-to-end communication needs through Multinet’s own optical fiber network across Pakistan. Seamless voice connectivity, excellent voice quality, and easy installation are the ingredients of Clarity. Our customized bundled plans are also available to suit your specific business requirements.

Multinet’s TowerNet is a carrier-grade, future-proof, and scalable FTTT service, combining optical fiber infrastructure, equipment, and managed capacities to link the primary telco network to the cellular network towers. We are the key enabler for robust and efficient wireless communications, providing the necessary infrastructure to connect cellular towers with high-speed fiber optic connectivity.

Connectivity Solutions

Item Quantity Unit Price
Internet capacity as low as QoS/Traffic Engineered/CIR 1 Per Mbps Rs. 750* with Free IP Pool

Cloud Storage

Item Quantity Unit Price
Core 1 Per vCore $3.00
RAM 1 Per GB $2.00
Storage (SSD) Performance 1 Per GB $0.04
Storage (Volume) 1 Per GB $0.025
Internet CIR (DDoS) 1 Per Mbps $2.00
NG Firewall 1 Cloud Shared $100.00
WAF with OWSAP TOP 10 1 Cloud Shared $50.00
Replication services (Carbonite) 1 Per VM $80.00

Information Security & IT Enabled Services

Item Quantity Unit Price (Rs)
Managed WAN Services 1 MYMS Services are customized
and pricing are as per the
requirement of client.
Active & Passive Infrastructure Projects 1
Managed SD-WAN Services 1
Managed LAN Services 1
Cloud-based Services 1
Resident Engineers 1
On-Site Support1 1
Email Solution / SMTP Relay / Anti Span 1
Managed Security Services 1
Endpoint Security Solutions (AV & EDR) 1
VA /PT Services 1
Managed SIEM & SOC Services 1
Managed NOC & NMS Services 1
Managed WiFi 1

Voice Solutions

Item Unit Occurrence Price (Rs)
Fiber Optic Installation at the client site
(If already deployed then Port Opening only)
One Time Charges

As Per Survey

Analog / TDM Box / SIP Trunk
(For SIP Rs. 5,000)
(For Analogue TDM Rs. 225,000 / PRI)
(For Analogue Line TDM Rs. 55,000/08 Lines)
One Time Charges

As Per the Client Telephony Server Specs & Survey

Outgoing Call Rate – Mobile

Mobile per minute

Monthly Recurring

Rs. 1.20 /minute
Outgoing Call Rate – Landline

Landline per minute

Monthly Recurring

Rs. 1.20 /minute
Line Rent – 30 channels

30 Channels

Monthly Recurring

Rs. 1,500 /Line
Line Rent – 60 channels 60 Channels

Monthly Recurring

Rs. 3,000 /Line
DID Line Rent

Rent per DID

Monthly Recurring

Rs. 10 /DID

DataCenter Solution

Item Quantity Price (Rs)
Rack 1 Rs. 80,000
Kwh 1 Rs. 154
Amp 1 Rs. 26,000

Terms & Conditions

  1.    Minimum unit rate per mbps for bulk capacity with one static IP.
  2.    All prices are exclusive of taxes.
  3.    The mentioned price already includes a discount.
  4.    Market prices are 40% higher than this price.
  5.    Prices are subject to a yearly contract.
  6.    Price will be valid till Dec 2023.