AUGUST 22, 2023

Multinet Pakistan & P@SHA Partnership

Multinet Pakistan signed an MOU to forge a strategic partnership with the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), aimed to provide members of the association with MyCloud’s enterprise-ready onshore Cloud, Information Security and Connectivity portfolio. The agreement is expected to pave the way for premium Cloud computing, Security and Connectivity Solutions for P@SHA’s extensive network of IT and Software Companies.

With Multinet Pakistan joining hands with P@SHA, its members can now benefit from preferential tariff packages designed to cater to the specific needs of the IT sector. This collaboration reflects Multinet Pakistan’s commitment to serving diverse sectors of the economy with cutting-edge Technology and Connectivity Solutions.

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June 6, 2023

LCCI IT Excellence Award

Team Multinet witnessed immense pride as Mr. Adnan H. Zaidi, COO of Multinet Pakistan, was honoured with the prestigious LCCI IT Excellence Award from the esteemed President, Dr. Arif Alvi. This remarkable achievement is a testament to our dedication and commitment to delivering top-notch services in the IT industry.

The LCCI IT Excellence Award serves as a stepping stone towards unlocking even more milestones in the future. We are excited to continue pushing boundaries, innovating, and delivering cutting-edge solutions for our valued clients.

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FEBRUARY 21, 2023

Multinet Open Wifi Network

Multinet Leads Innovation with Region’s First Open Wi-Fi Deployment.

Mutinet and TIP will soon be implementing Open Wifi over its fiber network that spans the entire country, covering more than 120 cities, across more than 14,000 kilometers and commits to providing Open and Disaggregated Solutions for the people of Pakistan.


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FEBRUARY 16, 2023

Multinet Optical Transport Network

Multinet and TIP to build the World’s Largest Open Optical Transport Network of 3.2 Tbps capacity across Multinet’s Fiber Footprint in Pakistan.

Multinet, Pakistan’s business communications company of choice, today announced that it will be upgrading its optical transport network that spans the entire country covering more than 120 cities, across more than 14,000 kilometers.


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SEPTEMBER 27, 2022

Telenor Pakistan

Team Multinet was awarded certificates by Telenor for our contribution as a reliable partner.

Providing uninterrupted connectivity solutions amidst the floods.

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AUGUST 17, 2022

Leadership Xpedition

The 4-day enriching intervention program trained our employees on how to become Future Leaders.

The certificates of participation were awarded to our employees by Mr. Adnan Zaidi – COO & Chairman SCOMM of Multinet Pakistan, in a ceremony held at the Multinet Head Office.

#SCOMM #Leadership #Xpedition #Training #MultinetPakistan

MARCH 9, 2022

LCCI Recognition

Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry recognized Multinet, Pakistan’s pioneering #ICT #enabler, for its contribution to the #technology landscape of the country.

#Multinet has been bestowed with this honor second time in a row.

The honorable President of Pakistan graced the event.

Atif Tahir (Vice President Business) received the prestigious accolade on behalf of #MultinetPakistan.

JANUARY 28, 2022

Cloud Computing Certificate

The management system of Multinet Pakistan (Private) Limited has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

For the following activities, ISMS applies to Multinet’s Cloud Computing function. (Infrastructure as a Service and Storage as a Service).

#IaaS #SaaS #CloudComputing #CloudCertified #MultinetPakistan

SEPT 11, 2021

Best Reliable Connectivity and Internet Service Provider

Team Multinet has been recognized as the ‘Best Reliable Connectivity and Internet Service Provider’ at the 15th Consumers Choice Awards 2021.

#ConsumersChoice #MultinetPakistan #Multinet #Pakistan

JUNE 17, 2021

Presidential ICT Award

Mr. Adnan H. Zaidi, COO – Multinet Pakistan, receives the prestigious accolade from the Honorable President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, in recognition of the accomplishments and strides made by Multinet Pakistan for #Information and #Communications #technology in Pakistan.

Team #Multinet #Pakistan feels honored at this achievement and pledges to put its best foot forward in the future as well to develop and improve the ICT infrastructure of Pakistan.

#LCCIITawards #MultinetPakistan

APRIL 15, 2021


Multinet Pakistan in collaboration with The Indus Hospital organized blood donation drive at Multinet’s Head Office.

Our employees understand that their blood donation can save a precious life, do you?

#BloodDonation #BloodDonors #BloodDrive #MultinetPakistan #IndusHospital

MARCH 27, 2021

Sitara e Imtiaz

The journey of Multinet started by Mr. Adnan Asdar Ali to reform telecommunication sector for benefit to masses, now has over a thousand Adnan Asdar Ali obsessed with the cause in our team.

We are proud of our leader and stand by him in his mission of “purpose, purpose and purpose then profits” in the realms of connectivity, communication and infrastructure.

Proud of being the team members of Adnan Asdar Ai – Sitara e Imtiaz.

#AWARDS2021 #Sitaraeimtiaz #multinet

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