Scalable Fiber To The Tower Services

Lightning-Fast Connectivity For Optimized Operations

Multinet’s TowerNet is a carrier-grade, future-proof, and scalable Fiber To The Tower (FTTT) service, combining optical fiber infrastructure, equipment, and managed capacities to link the primary telecommunication network to the cellular network towers. We are the key enabler for robust and efficient wireless communications, providing the necessary infrastructure to connect cellular towers with high-speed fiber optic connectivity. Trust us to deliver the speed, reliability, and scalability needed to drive your business forward in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

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IP Internet

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Features & Benefits

5G enablement through FTTT

Flexible lease & capacity-rich models

Reliable SLA compliance up to 99.99%

1,000 towers & 10 cities for Telenor, Jazz & Zong

Why Is Fiber To The Tower Service A Game Changer?

With advances in 4G and the transition to 5G getting closer, traditional network backhaul models cannot fulfill the bandwidth demand generated at the user end. Cellular operators now need capacity-rich solutions with scalability and latency to serve high data volumes.
While 4G services need a strong capacity backbone to serve the data needs of users per cell site, 5G will be operating on a 20–30x higher number of cells, with each site flooded with the enormous demand for data. Therefore, the deployment of deep fiber networks to the tower sites and bringing fiber closer to the end user is needed as a prerequisite to cater to the ever-increasing demand for communication services.

How Is Multinet’s Towernet Bridging The Connectivity Gap?

By installing fiber to the towers, operators can be more independent and responsive to their customers’ needs in terms of service offerings. With a fiber footprint of more than 15,000 km across more than 120 cities and towns, Multinet enjoys an elite position to serve fiber to the tower services to cellular operators. Besides fulfilling the capacity gap, TowerNet services by Multinet are backed by a strong ecosystem of commercial, technical, and customer care competence.

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