Multinet Pakistan, is one of the premier information and communication solution providers for leading enterprises in the region

Our network enables us to serve the Service Provider market segment, as well as energize our own nationwide IP/MPLS network, which targets growing domestic enterprise market demands.

Multinet delivers superior and scalable speeds up to 10 Gbps with services delivered through FTTP technology.

The Multinet network helps customers to operate their enterprise networks through various flavors of high speed interconnectivity options, high capacity data storage facilities and efficient Internet bandwidth solutions. Multinet is a carrier’s carrier that offers a variety of services to fulfill diversified customer needs.

Satellite Connectivity

Over three billion people in the world are denied the benefits of globalization because they are denied access to the 21st century communications network. They are not been able to connected, for an organization, this means, a lose end on their remote facilities.

Multinet has developed a unique solution to address these challenges experienced by enterprises to connective their remote location. Multinet has established its own redundant VSAT network based on iDirect powered by two Hubs connected through Multinet long haul OFC network providing a standby backup for each other.


Multinet’s VSAT network helps lighting up far flung areas with connectivity & internet where there is scarcity of telecom infrastructure facilities. Our VSAT network offers iDirect contention based network, iSCPC and Bandwidth on demand.

  • Built-in TCP Optimization
  • Network remote management
  • GQOS supported
  • Forward error correction techniques
  • Supports real time traffic management
  • Seven self-healing rings equipped with multiple gigabit capacity
  • Regional coverage
  • iDirect qualified team
  • Rapid bandwidth allocation
  • Centralized software updates
  • High powered Intelsat Ku-Band satellites
  • 1.2 & 1.8 m Ku-Band VSAT antenna for the remote site

24/7/365 Days

Authorized access to your equipment

Dedicated on-site network monitoring

Dedicated on-site system administration

Monitoring via video surveillance physical security & NMS

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