Multinet Pakistan, is one of the premier information and communication solution providers for leading enterprises in the region

Our network enables us to serve the Service Provider market segment, as well as energize our own nationwide IP/MPLS network, which targets growing domestic enterprise market demands.

Multinet delivers superior and scalable speeds up to 10 Gbps with services delivered through FTTP technology.

The Multinet network helps customers to operate their enterprise networks through various flavors of high speed interconnectivity options, high capacity data storage facilities and efficient Internet bandwidth solutions. Multinet is a carrier’s carrier that offers a variety of services to fulfill diversified customer needs.


Multinet MetroNET is a cost effective, high-speed Metro Area Backbone Service, enabling organizations to achieve unparalleled connection speeds up to 1 Gbps and above.

  • Wide range of IP and Ethernet Services
  • Designed on self-healing ring architecture
  • Supports standard interfaces (e.g. FE, GE, LOGE)
  • Backed by 24×7 operations and maintenance teams
  • Multinet owns and operates one of the largest Metro Area backbones in Pakistan
  • Deployed on Metro carrier ethernet technology service offered on dedicated 100% optical fiber link

24/7/365 Days

Authorized access to your equipment

Dedicated on-site network monitoring

Dedicated on-site system administration

Monitoring via video surveillance physical security & NMS

Consult, Think And Execute With Multinet

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